foondiJust because you are a techie or a creative doing amazing stuff and you don’t have income doesn’t make you a hustler. At Sondeka festival thanks to the @GoDownArts Centre we are giving you the skills to change the direction of your skill aka your hustle to begin making cash.

@Foondiworkshops will be running a workshop to show all you techies just how you can turn the face of your fortune. And begin to gain the respect of a legit business and get your monies worth.

Masafara status ends as soon as you walk in to these workshops at Sondeka. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t try this out earlier.


Bangla Pesa know how to get through the hard times of endless brokenness. They decided to reinvent the wheel. They will show you just how you can use barter trade all over again and keep everyone happy and worry free about chums!

Huh? Bangla Pesa will show you how you can still get your chapati madondo, your hair and nails did, sort out your cleaning lady in a unique system that keeps everyone happy, fed and housed. You need to see this at the Sondeka Fest!


Gabriel Nderitu in other circles may be a laughing stock, but at Sondeka Festival, he is an inspiration! His 12th scrap plane prototype will be on display at the festival. He’s running a plane from old iron sheets, other scrap metals and a car engine. He will give you pointers on what it takes to keep at it even if the odds are against you. He is determined it will fly and he will show you up close and personal why.

And if you get on his right side, he might just let you inside the cockpit.



Sondeka Festival is one for all, all for one! If you have children, as you are singing along, dancing, having your portrait done and trying on new outfits or fiddling around with gadgets, we’ll keep those great little minds engaged.

We have a play area just for them. And we have a special reward for them! Spanish, globally renowned, Flamenco Guitarist Ricardo Garcia will run a session with your tots and give them pointers on how great music is made. We’ll have more sophisticated face painting, and they’ll be able to do some cool stencil painting and finger painting for the young ones.


We came! We saw! WE SONDEKA’D!

If you weren’t at the Sondeka Launch, weep! Weep! Dj Nzech, DJ Meme, DJ Tendwa, Abakisimba rocked the stage and Makadem in all his glory crowned the night! It was jamming all night! And we are true to our word! It was all about Sondeka’ing your colours, in graffiti, paint or being washed in paint!

This is a taste of even greater stuff come October 18th at the Sondeka Festival kick off!

Toys that I didn’t need money to #sondeka


Creativity is not limited to certain professions only. This is why at #Sondeka Festival is all about being free to express yourself.

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Sondeka Fest is coming to town next month. This is where we get to celebrate the creative industry in Kenya and engage in fun activities to remind us that we are all creatives in one way or the other.

It’s funny how society frown upon creatives. We are told that music, art, writing and the lot are not professions. Growing up in the 80s and 90s all we had was our creativity. So where did we lose the plot. Here are some of the things I didn’t need money to have fun with.

1. The wire car

Don’t know how else to call it. I remember going on scavenger hunts as a little kid looking for wires so we could make this tiny matatu replicas. Some went the extra mile and added a steering wheel and lights. Mine even had a carriage for when I was sent to the shop…

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The hugest handicap of most creatives, ourselves at the Creatives Garage included, is that we fail to put ourselves out there. We are always waiting for the perfect moment, perfect location, the perfect work to show the world. The truth is, no one will come to find you in your home in Ongwaro, Runda or Runyenjes. You need to come out of your shell and stand tall!

Show the world that despite not having the dream education, job, family background or residential location, you are somebody! You aren’t just another writer, dancer, fashion designer, programmer, engineer, you are the THE one! You are the ONE who will change the way people not only see your craft, but change their lives with your creation and innovation.

That, great creatives across Kenya and East Africa, is why Sondeka exists; it is about YOU! It is about YOU standing up, and taking that step to expose YOURSELF and YOUR work. People are selling caramel popcorn for crying out loud, what makes you think that that dress, that robot, that shoe, that poem, that portrait, that painting would be unworthy?

This October, you need to relax your irrational perfectionism as a creative and innovator and show the world that what you have isn’t just good it is GREAT! And why is it GREAT? Because YOUR Great mind made it!

So go on! #Sondeka your stuff and show off your stunning creations and innovations! If you want to exhibit and showcase at this years’ Sondeka, shoot us an email: Sondeka@creativesgarage.org asap before 30th September 2014. We have some slots left to showcase.




At #Sondeka we’ll show you how to make money from your trash. Plastic Fantastic will be running an up-cycling session to show you just what you can do with all those plastic bags you have in your house. Ever thought of making them jewelry? No? We will show you how. And better still why not make an old school football from that and play a game of futaa while you are at it.

And because we think garbage is cool, we have some amazing scrap that one team of creative geniuses will use to create a masterpiece for auction in 48 hours. At Sondeka we’re going to make you find value from garbage by showing you how you can make the simple and complex and make chums from them without having to get your hands overly dirty!


sondeka launch_art

WHEN? Saturday 27th September 2014

WHERE? Harlequinns, Ngong road, Nairobi, Kenya

HOW MUCH? 500 bob at the gate

WHAT TIME? 6pm till dawn!

This Saturday, Creatives Garage will give an explosive and colossal welcome to the Sondeka Festival at Quins on Ngong Road! The evening will be a fun festival of colour; the perfect play area for adults!
It will commence at 6pm with the illest music from Santuri Safari DJs on the Decks, Makadem and Abakisimba holding it down!

It’s an event for you to let loose and have childlike fun all over again! There will be cocktail recipe face offs, happy feet, hourly chugfests and paint shower hour. Wondering what these are? Well, you need to come over with your friends and find out.