soundcloudFor musicians, there are many challenges  associated with marketing and distribution of their music. There are various platforms that have been introduced to try and solve this problem. SoundCloud is a media sharing social service for audio and music creators. It allows artists to create a profile and offers cloud-based storage that you can use to store and stream music.

Sound designer Alex Ljung and artist Eric Wahlforss came together to establish SoundCloud in Berlin, Germany, in August 2007, though the original idea started in their home country Sweden.

Up and coming artists can use this platform to share and market their music. Facebook, unlike SoundCloud, has a wide-ranging demography and the service itself provides too many distractions to ever work as a valid musician’s promotional platform. Twitter on the other hand, is limited when it comes to multimedia tools that are paramount when you’re marketing your music.

SoundCloud distributes music using widgets and apps. Users can place the widget on their own websites or blogs and then SoundCloud will automatically tweet every track uploaded. SoundCloud has an API that allows other applications or smartphones to upload or download music and sound files.

widgetOne really good thing about SoundCloud is that if you post a track in Facebook or Twitter, people can listen to it without being redirected to another page. They do not have to click through to your website, but they can listen just from their social media site.

Notable Kenyan artists on SoundCloud are Rabbit, Camp Mulla, Redsan, Jua Cali, Jaguar, Rabbit, Will Paul and Size 8 just to name a few. Rock band artists among them Parkinglotgrass, Murfy’s Law and Koinange Sreet Avengers have uploaded their music for their fans. Kenyan house music producers and artists have also featured some of their tracks here. Other little known artistes are also using this platform in a bid to try and break into the music scene.

Cloud technology is proving to be an important and beneficial tool for musicians as it gives them a means of sharing and sending their creations regardless of geographical locationgoogle.It also serves as a great publicity avenue as it lets them do marketing and self-promotion on global level even on a tight budget. Dropbox is another cloud service that provides for virtual storage. Google+ even allows you to stage virtual concerts via the Hangout feature.

Every artiste out there needs to embrace this idea and share their music with their fans. It will give you a great marketing opportunity without breaking the bank.