#Sondeka Stori Challenge

So you’re late for school and meet the teacher on duty at the gate. There are five of you and it’s easier to have one excuse to escape corporal punishment ,so you start to create a story.
The first person offers the beginning and you each pick it up from there to create one epic adventure that leaves your teacher in awe, and you all escape from lashes. That is just part of what #Sondeka is all about. Making awesomeness out of nothing.

The team behind Sondeka festival will be at the StoryMoja festival this weekend and they’ll be running Sondeka Stori. This is where guys are given random genres, characters, story plots and locations to piece a story together in ten minutes. As we lead up to this, we would like to throw out a challenge to y’all.

Pick a team of five and a random hashtag on twitter, then choose your roster and write a story. When you have exhausted your tweets, tag the next person (including the hashtag) to write the next part of the story.

We can track each story via Storify (thanks to the hashtag) and next week we get to see which team was the most creative :)

Are you in? Can you write a story one tweet at a time? If so, send me your team members and hashtag. Please share this in your networks and blogs. There will obviously be some #Sondeka goods for the most creative team ;)

Hit Aziz up on tcsmola@gmail.com to get signed up! Let’s #Sondeka!


There is something about reminding yourself that you are awesome, that you are great, that no matter who you are, where you are from, what you look like, you are awesome!!!!! At Sondeka Festival, we want you to physically see yourself in a new light. And there is no better way to see that than with a new image of yourself.

There will be amazing digital artists who will create digital portraits of you to frame and keep. If you prefer pencil sketches or a fun caricature of yourself and laugh at yourself. You can get those done at the festival.

Or better still, if you want to look like a star, you could step into the Sondeka Photo booth and get a rock star shoot of yourself.

Sondeka festival is all about reminding yourself that you are awesome just the way you are! So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now from Ticket sasa, m-ticketing now! And get that Superstar shoot!


18th to 20th October is going to be one of those really long holidays. And at Creatives Garage we know that not everyone wants to scream and shout. But there are some things that you can do to enjoy yourself, let out the stress and calm your nerves, and have a blast too! That’s why we have the African Yoga project running Yoga sessions at the Sondeka Festival!

And that’s not all; we have Aarti Chandarana who will take you through the coolest work out that won’t even feel like one. You can stuff your face at the festival, then dance and stretch it all away, great food, great workout, no guilt. Aarti will have you dancing the calories away! At the Sondeka Festival you will be able to have your cake and eat it!



Santuri Safari DJs

The Santuri DJ’s, they are like 30 DJ’s from across East Africa, will give you an experience you may have never seen before. The Santuri DJ’s are bringing forth a rebirth of the East African sound, they are taking our loved and adored Zilizopendwa hit sounds and other traditional percussion sounds and fusing them with a modern flair. Imagine what Maasai guttural techno or House would sound like? How cool would that be?


Make music with the DJs.

That is what the Santuri DJ’s are doing, they are showing you that what who we are, what we have traditionally like that really old, Kenya Music Festival sound, can be made ultra modern and still stay true to its sound. So this is where you come in, the Santuri DJ’s will run sessions of live recording as they mix their sounds and lend you the percussion and let you shake that kayamba, ululate, make Maasai guttural sounds or sing the Mugithii as they fuse those sounds together as you make it.


Santuri Safari at a past Live Recording Session

How cool is that? You see, you don’t have to sing, just make a sound with what is on you and the Santuri DJ’s will put that together and create an amazing sound that will have you faint from nothing but pure pleasure. This you need to see, be part off and own. This is how you make history, and you do it in nothing but pure auditory pleasure.

Forget the “Kama inabamba wapi nduru Weuweeeeeeeeeeee!” Vibe! Santuri DJ’s are going to set Ngong Racecourse ablaze from the 18th to 20th October 2014. You’ll be weeping from pure pleasure, and your head will not stop bobbing impulsively!


Before, I go on, remember that this is a family friendly event, so if your head was in the gutter, you can wash it and get your head on straight. The Sondeka Festival like you may have heard time and again, is all about BEING FREE TO EXPRESS YOURSELF!!

Sondeka in Pics (3)

Sarabi performing at Sondeka 2013

This isn’t just the place where you come and see fashion designers, techies, bloggers, mechanics and painters work, you’ll also get to try stuff out. You know that make-over you have always wanted but couldn’t afford? How about getting one at the festival?

Get an Ankara accessory from Afri Shiq, have a simple adjustment made to your outfit by Yvette, a fashion designer, and her fab squad, then have your make up done and then wrap it up with a framed portrait of yourself to show off. How about that? Is that possible? It is more than possible; it will be going down at the Sondeka Festival.

Shoes made from Ankara

Shoes made from Ankara

If you are the guy who likes gadgets and robots, then we’ve also got you sorted, with some of Kenya’s greatest minds in robotics who will show off their gadgets and show you just how to make your own robot! And if you love a great story, how about you take to the stage and narrate your very own story like the good old times with cucu by a fire in shaggs!

And if you just want tips on how to make it big as a creative or tech entrepreneur, there will be workshops for you, with advice from some of Kenya’s leading creative entrepreneurs, at the festival.


A workshop in session

Whoever you are, whatever makes you whole as you express yourself in it, Sondeka Festival is where you need to be. Sondeka is where you WILL find it! No judgment, just you and nothing but three whole days of nothing but your pure unadulterated self!


Fun activities for the kids


The second annual Sondeka festival 2014 kicks off on Saturday 18th October and will run till Monday 20th October. And this is why Sondeka is for you! It is easier said and done, but we, at Creatives garage will make this daily countdown till the sunset on 20th a worthwhile reason as to why should attend Sondeka Festival.


You know you love Mashujaa day it has nothing to do with the heroes. Unajijua? Sindiyo! Heheheehe, yeah I see that guilty smile on your face! You know it is the long holiday weekend, shame President Moi walked away with Moi day!

Look, here is 3 days for just 1,500 bob, that is an entry ticket to see a fashion show, produce music live with DJs on stage, watch Sarabi live on stage, attend a workshop to give you pointers on blogging, running a creative enterprise, techpreneruship, get to learn about more free apps that will make your life easier, watch Kenya movies, attend a masquerade party, enjoy old school story telling like cucu did when you were kids on a visit to shaggs, and there is more. Seriously, I am leaving some out because I need to break it down further in the next 39 days!

So here we have an amazing weekend where you can do all that for three days at just 1,500 bob. Where else would you get a super deal like that for Mashujaa weekend? Tell me? Ni wapi my guy? Plus you are not going to fork out cash for accommodation and transport, like you would if you left town. Sema tu ukweli! Yeah, I see you nodding your head! And…and… if you have a kid or more, there will be a designated secure area for them to play games, paint, mould things and a lot of fun stuff. And if your kid is younger than 12, they get in for free, FREE! So if you have triplets under the age of three, you are sorted.

Will the kids starve? Nope there will be plenty of food and drink to purchase. So really? Really. With a deal like that, #sondekanasi!


“My dad was a cop and a DJ!” When Essa Williams told us, during his visit in August for his mind blasting DJ bonanza with the Santuri Safari DJ’s at the Rift Valley Festival, we laughed. No way! A cop and a DJ, one lucky son of gun! Pun intended!

Esa is a South African DJ, from Cape Town, you cannot miss it in his accent, he laughs. “I had to be true to my roots or my family would not let me here the last of it.” Being South African and with such a rich exposure to Kwaito and great sounds, from Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba, his father used to spin; exposed him to a new world of music.

Esa Williams

Esa Williams

Esa’s visit to Germany to spend time with his uncle as a teenager, expounded his musical palate to new genres of techno, house and other electronic sounds that revitalized his love for music. Esa just blows your mind, so laid back, so in love and with such an amazing understanding of the history of DJing and the progression of it. He oozes his craft. He sees possibilities from African music on an international platform revamped from the 80’s sampling.

Esa now lives and DJs in the UK, he was in Glasgow for 7 years and moved to London, bringing his amazing afrohouse fusion to an already thriving city music scene. Esa’s not stingy with what he knows, he’s always out to work with inexperienced and veteran producers to create new sounds, and watch music evolve! He’s conducted workshops on behalf of Ableton, Red Bull Music Academy and Apple. By night, he rocks every dance floor they let him spoil with his unique Afrohouse sound!
An integral part of the Auntie Flo live set up, Esa has played at Europe’s leading venues and festivals including Fabric, Razzmatazz, Sub Club, T in The Park, Corsica Studios, Plastic People, The Arches and Snafu. His music has also taken him to Cuba and right back to his motherland of South Africa for appearances at the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival and the Lake of Stars in Malawi.

Having shared the stage with everyone from Julio Bashmore to Richie Hawtin, Shangaan Electro to Scuba; such is the diversity of his energetic sets which take the listener on a trip between deep melodic house to jackin’ machine funk. It’s no surprise that he’s been championed by publications including XLR8R and Resident Advisor – bagging the coveted ‘Mix of the Day’ accolade with his Afro-Futurism mix for Fabric.

Esa is now cycling to the Amsterdam Dance Event to fundraise to build a music school in Langa, a township outside of Cape Town. You can check out more on Esa’s great cause on



But for his amazing mixes you can check out Sondeka’s Facebook page!



Taste of Auntie Flo mixes: http://familyaffairsmusic.com/auntie-flo-esa-williams/

Esa williams on soundcloud.


The big screen, getting ready for the show.

The big screen, getting ready for the show.

Sondeka festival is building momentum, first we stormed Daystar and this Saturday we went big screen at Shorts and Shots! If you missed it, I guess the pics speak for themselves. It was an amazing night, being able to rub shoulders with Kenya’s Kalasha award winning actor and blogger Gerald Langiri and the co-Director of House of Lungula Aggie Nyagari.

Gerald Langiri (second left), one of the casts of House Of Lungula, enjoying the screening with fans

Gerald Langiri (second left), one of the casts of House Of Lungula, enjoying the screening with fans

It was night to soak in the amazing potential Kenyan film has. Wanjiru Kairu’s New Year’s Eve kicked us off with an intense 11 minutes. Amazing! Since we like you, we have it here for you! You are welcome!


After that we weren’t done yet, we had to #Keepsondekaing with Kenyan flicks and so we did with critically acclaimed House of Lungula produced by Historia Films starring Liz Njagah, Ian Mbugua, Nice Githinji, Sheila Kwamboka and Kalasha award winning actor and blogger Gerald Langiri! There were plenty of laughs! Here’s the trailer for a tease!



If you want your copy of House of Lungula, hit us up on Sondekafest on Facebook and get your copy of the movie on DVD! The night didn’t end with the movies, the Santuri Safari DJs took over with Lulu and Zakaleo band and we were dancing around the bonfire making some mad live music.

Lulu and the Zakaleo Band on stage, an electrifying performance it was!

Lulu and the Zakaleo Band on stage, an electrifying performance it was!

You can listen to our sound cloud account to hear some of the live recordings Santuri DJs have done, completely unrehearsed. On Saturday we had drums, shakers and jingles and we danced around making music with the DJ’s fusing our sound live, with some old school, and new school. SICK! It was so SICK! Even when the DJs had packed up and headed out, people were still dancing to the beats! There’ll be loads of opportunities to do the same at the Sondeka festival 2014. So make sure you are there to #sondeka with us!

Now since you may have missed the awesomeness of Shorts and Shots we still want you to be part of it to get a chance to walk away with some Sondeka goodies!

If you can correctly guess the name of the movie from the soundtrack on our FB page before Friday, we’ll give you cool Sondeka T-shirt to floss with! Let us know what you are up to and how you are expressing yourself where you are; in other words tell us #Unasondekananani, let us know on FB, twitter and Instagram!



On Wednesday 3rd September Sondeka Festival Invaded Daystar Athi River campus, no stones were left unturned; we cleared campus of any stress and boredom. It took a bumpy dusty drive to get there, but it was worth it to see the amazing performances that tore through the stage

             Ngilu and the Marks singing their hearts out

Daystar Sondeka Invasion Party: Ngilu and the Marks singing their hearts out

.Never before had Daystar been blown away with their own campus singers, beat boxers and more in a span of a few hours that left everyone spinning from awesomeness. The auditorium was jam-packed; wall to wall, floor to floor we had people banging to get in.

Nick Olwa

Nick Olwa, blew the house down with his mad lyrics in his opening spoken word act. He set the bar high for the rest of the performances! Peninah Odimba spun a new flair to “This Little Light of Mine” that had us all bellowing it out with her. That girl can sing! One thing you cannot deny is when it came to campuses, Daystar got the vocalists and beat boxers that put Dre and Will.I.Am to shame.

From the stage to the bellies, the eating competition wasn’t a challenge for the faint hearted! All of them were enthusiastic that they were out to win it, but then there were those who clearly seemed genuinely hungry and savoured the meal. They weren’t out to win, they were out to eat! There was a bag of peanuts, soda to help chug down the loaf of bread all in less than a minute! IMG_9742It is all about being free to express yourself at the Sondeka Festival. And the Daystar Invasion was a little taste of the festival.



It is all about expressing yourself however you feel, stuffing your face with food or bellowing out a tune. It was all going down at Daystar! They all showed us #howtheysondekad. And yeah the buff Leon Mikwa turned his muscle into bone crushing enthusiasm stuffing that food down! It isn’t always the well endowed folk who know how to down a meal! Within a minute, he had gleaned up everything and seemed to have space for more! When it came to eating, he was unforgiving.

The crowd went wild! Leon got to walk away with a ticket to express himself some more at this year’s Sondeka Festival courtesy of Creatives Garage, the Home of Awesome.

Eugene Odhiambo had an amazing collection of sketches that blew the crowd away, he’ll have more work on display at Sondeka Festival this October, keep your eyes peeled for his stand.


Art by Eugene Odhiambo

Standing tall with biceps bulging out of his muscle tee, Young Noise was the star of the night spitting mad lyrics, voice bellowing; the crowd roared.


Yung Noiz

Yung Noiz is no stranger to Sondeka Festival, he performed last year and will be on show again this year, so you still have a chance to see him live! The best acts of the night got some Sondeka goodies and tickets. Daystar showed us just #HowtoSondeka. Keep your eyes peeled and ears on the street for more Sondeka parties in a hood near you! As we warm up to the biggest creative and innovative place of free expression; Sondeka Festival from 18th to 20th October at the Ngong’ Racecourse. It’s time to Sondeka!

The students turned out in large numbers for the #Sondeka experience

The students turned out in large numbers for the #Sondeka experience


Pulp Process

Pulp Process- photo courtesy of http://www.engineeringforchange.org

What else do you know about bananas apart from the fact that they are edible and that their stems are feed for livestock? At the 4th Annual International Research Contest held at Kabarak University, two ingenious students from the same institution came up with an innovation that will even wow our neighbours in the land of bananas up yonder.

Still wondering what it is? Let us get to the story of sanitary pads from banana fibre. Who would have thought of that? The innovation makes you think they have completely gone bananas. But wait, you are right! Literally speaking.

Having seen the challenges that women and young girls from needy backgrounds go through because they cannot afford sanitary towels, they came up with a cheaper alternative for them. Banana stems have fibre which they say, can be processed and turned into soft tissue which is used to make the sanitary pads.


Paul & Ivy

Paul Ntikoisa and Ivy Etemesi are the two brains behind this innovation that is already generating interest from community based groups. They take us through the steps of extracting the fibres from the banana stem. It is a simple process that involves pounding the luscious stem to remove water and then the remaining pulp is spread out and dried in the sun to dry for about six hours.

“Banana fibre poses no health risks,” Ivy Etemesi says. “But before use, the fibres have to be disinfected to kill any micro-organisms that may be present or were picked up during the preparation process,” she continues to say.

After disinfecting, the fibres are then laid out on a wooden surface and trimmed. The fibres are arranged in strips to ensure comfort to the user. Absorbent soft liners are used to ensure the pad’s surface is soft. A mackintosh paper is woven over the prepared layer woven using thread and needle.

 “Stitching of the mackintosh paper is done, leaving the wings where cello tape is used to firm the pad to avoid movement of the pad during flow,” says Etemesi.

The duo have conducted tests and proven that the innovation works. They have good absorption properties. Each pad is expected to retail at Ksh 6, a price that the less fortunate girls and women in society can afford.

For a long time, the African culture has viewed menstruation as a taboo and a woman in her periods is shunned. Many school going girls from poor backgrounds miss school during their menstrual period and this innovation is going to address that issue.

They urged the government to embrace their innovation and roll it out to areas where they are needed most. This will improve the hygiene conditions of the school going girls and enable them to attend school like everyone else.

With their innovation,they came tops in the innovation category during the Annual International Research Contest held at Kabarak University.

As we gear up for Sondeka Festival to be held in October 18th-20th at the Ngong’ Race Course, we encourage you to interact with us on facebook and talk about such great Kenyan talent. Sondeka festival celebrates Kenyan creativity, innovation and talent and is brought to you by Creatives Garage.